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Scammer v. Philip Oakey

I had a call from a phone scammer today, telling me I had a Trojan on my PC.

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Freedom to be judged

My Facebook news feed seems to be full of anti-religion stuff at the moment and I find it a bit hard to stay calm in the face of it all.

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Long time no...

I see it's been a very long time since I posted on here. That's mainly because nothing exciting has happened. I've had a few nice holidays, been on many pleasant walks in the sunshine, occasionally seen a band I like, done a fair amount of housework.

I'm still getting through the many boxes - both in my loft and in my head. Progress is very slow but steady. Sorting through thousands of photos is especially time consuming but worthwhile.

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The force of obsession...

Or obsession with the force

I am aware that I have a somewhat obsessive nature. Not that I obsess over life in general, but that I tend to latch onto one thing and live in it until it has run its course. Being who I am, this usually (but not always) involves a sci-fi or fantasy book/film/show.

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In Memory

A year ago today, I lost my best friend, my mentor, my closest confidante. Mum, your love was the foundation on which I built my life. You will live on in all those who knew you.


Break Time

It's been quite a while since I last posted to this journal. After I handed in my notice, things got quite hectic at work as I tried to leave everything in some semblance of order. Three other members of staff left in the meantime and still haven't been replaced, so we were struggling just to keep the place open.

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This afternoon, I handed in my notice.

I've been thinking about this for some time but was holding off for various reasons.  Then our manager told us that she was leaving at the end of this month and that was the last straw.  Her support is one of the things that has been holding this place (and me) together.   I feel bad about leaving my colleagues and I know I will really miss them, but it's just so impossible to do my job now.  Everyone is under pressure and I want to be able to help them but I can't.  I have senior management wanting one thing, customers wanting something else and partners pushing their own agendas with me stuck in the middle, feeling powerless to do anything.

 So it's got to the point where I am prepared to become unemployed in a financial climate that will make it difficult to find work. 
It's a frightening concept and I don't like the uncertainty, but I do need some time to rest and sort myself out.  I think I am emotionally exhausted from the last 7 years and I still haven't dealt properly with losing Mum.  I have to take the chance - and that will affect my husband as well as me.  We have enough savings for me to go without a job for a while, so I just hope it will work out OK.  I am trying to regard this in a positive light as an opportunity to sort out all the stuff at home, get some sleep and start being more healthy.  Now I just have to make sure I get those things done...


Mum's 70th

Yesterday was Mum's 70th birthday. I went to the cemetery with my husband and put a bunch of her favourite flowers (freesias) on her grave. I did very little the rest of the day, except to post a virtual candle on the memorial website, but my husband and I went out to dinner in the evening.

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Writer's Block: Critical Acclaim

Which television show doesn't (or didn't) get the love it deserves? Why do you think more people should know and love it as you do?
I missed this one as I was on a canal boat with no internet (in a snow storm) but I have to speak up for my beloved neglected shows.  Two great programmes that only got one season and should have been continued:  Odyssey 5 and Moonlight.

Odyssey 5 was a great sci-fi/mystery story that encompassed humour, romance, supernatural, conspiracy and a few nods to Star Trek.  It had a knowing, tongue in cheek feel to it that made it fun to watch.

Moonlight was an engaging mix of detective, vampire and romance story.  It was quite traditional in some ways but with a humorous twist that kept it from getting stodgy.  I particularly love the portrayal of the vampires as almost human (but not human) rather than the evil one-dimensional creatures of the old Hollywood movies.

End of an era

Have just handed in the form returning Mum's house to the council and given back all the keys.  She lived in that house for 30 years and I spent much of my childhood there.  It all seems so final now.

Last week we had the planting for Mum's tree at her plot in the woodland cemetery.  My brothers were there, along my husband, sister in law, aunts and uncle.  It was all very nice and informal, and we went for tea afterwards.  I went back there on Sunday and stood by the tree, watching the sun shine on the daffodils and listening to the birds singing.  A robin flew down and perched on the tree right next to Mum's, chirping away.  She would have loved it.




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